Pam Wells

You’re told to forget your past traumas of being a survivor of child sexual abuse. The face of the blurred and greyed child is the one I remembered every year on the 8th of August because of a bad policy that was made by people who thought they were right. But the turmoil, pain and hurt is hidden away in your heart and head.

I don’t struggle to remember; I hate getting flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep and not have ghosts from my past haunt my sleep. Shadows, wounds, and traumas do continue for years and years after it happened.

Healing and learning to be a stronger woman doesn’t make you forget the past but helps you to live a normal life.

It’s up to me to break generational curses, that they say, runs in the family. I tell them, this generation is where it stops.

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