Art Therapy is based on the notion that creative expression can help with healing and mental well-being. The Relationships Australia Tasmania Trauma Art Therapy Workshops were developed by Therapist Angela Reeve, drawing on her personal arts practice, knowledge of the impact of trauma on the brain, and broad experience providing evidence-based trauma therapies. The workshops involved group sessions where participants supported each other, with excellent assistance from Practitioner Eliza Hart.

A therapeutic framework provided participants with an understanding of how trauma is processed in the brain. They learnt breathwork and grounding techniques to regulate their emotional responses and manage difficult moments. The workshops explored ‘moral injury’ and provided participants with an opportunity to reframe past injustices as pathways to personal meaning. Therapeutic notions were interpreted into procedural stages in the development of a visual process. The layering and overlaying of abstract forms, multimedia, colours, and textures, created paintings of depth, expressive complexity and resulted in powerful and meaningful interpretative imagery.

We firmly believe that everyone has artistic ability with enough bravery, opportunity, and encouragement. This was proven through the high engagement and excellent results achieved by all participants. Not only did they create visually impressive artwork, but they also developed a shared creative and deeply supportive community. The workshops fostered strong connections between participants, facilitated learnings about trauma, and provided personal insights. And, of course, everyone fell in love with Ned the therapy dog.

All artworks will be on display as part of the ‘ABSTRACT TRUTH’ exhibition held at Moonah Arts Centre, Moonah, Tasmania. To view the program, click HERE

  • Alison Green

    Alison Green

  • Vivian Blackwell

    Vivian Blackwell

  • David Henderson

    David Henderson



  • Robyn Cohen

    Robyn Cohen

  • Joanne Vellar

    Joanne Vellar

  • Phillip Benjamin

    Phillip Benjamin

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    Deb Fulham



  • Robyn Tringrove

    Robyn Tringrove

  • Pam Wells

    Pam Wells